Saudi Riyal
Illustrative image. Image Credit: Bloomberg

Dubai: Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Islamic Affairs has banned collection of cash donations by employees of mosques for Iftar projects during Ramadan, state-run press agency said.

The ministry stressed iftar projects are limited only to the designated places and the courtyards of mosques, and said it must to be under the responsibility of the imams and muezzins of mosques

The ministry highlighted the importance of cleaning the designated places immediately after completion of Iftar meals.

The ministry’s decision included several directives for preparing mosques before the holy month of Ramadan, the most prominent of which is adherence of imams and muezzins to azan (call to prayer) timings according to the Umm Al Qura calendar, the ministry said.

The ministry called on the imams of mosques to read useful books to the worshipers after the obligatory prayers and remind them of the provisions of fasting and the virtues of Ramadan, in addition to the topics that strengthen national cohesion.