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Riyadh Skyline Image Credit: Bloomberg

Dubai: Saudi Arabia on Friday recalled its ambassador in Lebanon and asked the Lebanese Ambassador to leave Riyadh over the offensive remarks made by the Lebanese Minister of Information against the Arab coalition supporting legitimacy in Yemen.

The Kingdom also ceased all imports from Lebanon, however it reaffirms its keenness on the interests of Lebanese expatriates in the Kingdom. “The minister’s offensive remarks is a continuation of the Lebanese officials’ astonished remarks.”

In a statement issued by the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Kingdom expressed its regret over the deterioration in the Saudi-Lebanese relations due to the ignorance showed by its authorities.

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“We do not consider statements issued by Lebanese officials expressed the Lebanese community in the Kingdom,” the ministry said in its statement.

The statement also said that Lebanon has not taken measures to stop the smuggling of drugs to the Kingdom, and failed to cooperate with Saudi authorities over the extradition of the wanted in violation of the Riyadh Arab agreement for judicial cooperation.

The ministry said that the control of the terrorist Hezbollah militia over Lebanon’s decision has made Lebanon a battleground for terrorist designs. “Hezbollah militia provides support and military training to Al Houthi terrorist militias,” the statement added.

Three days ago, the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned Lebanon’s Ambassador to the Kingdom Fawzi Kabbara to protest against the controversial statements made by Information Minister George Kurdahi.

The ministry handed Kabbara an official protest note against Kurdahi's statements. The ministry described the statements as offensive to the efforts of the Saudi-led Arab Coalition in support of the internationally recognised government in Yemen.