210803 manfush
The sun dried bread known as manfush, made using engine oil. Image Credit: Sabq

Abu Dhabi: Saudi authorities have seized and destroyed 10 tonnes of krambo, sun dried bread known as manfush, mixed with engine oil on the rooftop of a number of buildings in the Al Nakasa neighbourhood in Mecca, local media reported.

“Illegal workers used a number of rooftops of residential buildings in the neighbourhood of Al Nakasa sun-dry the krambo, or the so-called manfush, after mixing it with motor oil, and then distributing the poisonous product to the market in violation of health requirements,” a spokesperson of the Mecca Municipality said.

It was not immediately known why these workers bake bread with motor oil, which, compared to other edible oils, is more expensive, poisonous and tastes bad.

The municipality said it also confiscated a number of gas pipes, stoves, flour bags and various dyes. It confirmed that the violating workers were handed over to the security authorities as part of the Homeland Without Violators campaign, to ensure food safety for citizens and residents.

The municipality was acting on a tip-off by a number of citizens.

The Al Nakasa district is renowned for its poor-quality living conditions. The district’s low-income residents have, nevertheless, adapted to living in such squalid conditions.