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Umrah pilgrims praying amid heavy rains and thunderstorms in Mecca. Image Credit:

Dubai: Saudi Arabia is experiencing significant weather disturbances, with Riyadh, Jeddah and several other cities across the kingdom witnessing moderate to heavy rainfall.

In response to the adverse weather conditions, numerous schools and universities have suspended classes on Tuesday in Riyadh, Qassim, Hafr Al Batin and several other regions.

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The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) has issued a red alert for intense rainfall in various governorates, especially in the northern Tabuk region.

The alert warns of high-speed winds, reduced visibility, hail showers and the potential for flash floods, with Tabuk feeling the brunt.

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The Civil Defence has issued warnings for the public to exercise extreme caution due to the expected weather changes, with the forecast of continued rainfall across most regions of Saudi Arabia until Wednesday.

The NCM anticipates moderate to heavy thunderstorms, which could be accompanied by active winds, dust storms and hail, affecting areas including Medina, Tabuk, Mecca and several northern and coastal regions.

Residents are urged to stay in safe places and avoid areas prone to flooding or accumulating rainwater, especially given the forecast of continued severe weather conditions.

The weather disturbances are also affecting the Mecca region, with forecasts predicting moderate to heavy rain that could lead to further torrential conditions and hail, affecting several locales within the region.

Additional areas in the Riyadh region and other parts of the kingdom are also bracing for potentially severe weather, with authorities remaining on high alert to respond to any emerging crises due to the ongoing heavy rainfall and the associated risks.