The hackers posted material supportive of the Saudi-led air strikes in Yemen on Al Alam’s social media accounts. Image Credit: Courtesy: Twitter

Tehran: Hackers took over the social media accounts of Iran’s Al Alam television Sunday and posted material supportive of the Saudi-led air war against Iran-backed rebels in Yemen, the Arabic-language channel said.

Al Alam accused the Saudi government of being behind the cyberattack in retaliation for the channel’s critical coverage of the bombing campaign launched on March 26.

The hackers used Al Alam’s official Twitter account to put out false reports of the death of the leader of Al Houthi militiamen in Yemen, Abdul Malik Al Houthi, forcing the channel to issue denials.

“Al Alam Twitter account and its YouTube network were hacked today, Sunday, by Saudi Arabia and were temporarily out of service,” the television said on its website.

The hackers posted several tweets containing what they said were the names and contact details of Al Alam correspondents around the Middle East.

“Think more if you are going to talk about Saudi Arabia,” the hackers wrote on Al Alam’s Twitter account.

“This hack I would give it as a gift for our pilots,” said another tweet in English, referring to the air campaign in Yemen.

A video the hackers posted on Al Alam’s YouTube account featured a song in praise of Saudi King Salman.

The channel said it was still trying to take back control of the hacked accounts.

It also announced new Twitter and YouTube accounts on its website.