Manama: A patrol officer in Saudi Arabia has been richly applauded by social media users after it emerged that he stood vigil for four hours till a motorist and his wife, who were sleeping in their car parked under a flyover, woke up.

Mohammad Yehia, an Egyptian working in Saudi Arabia, and his wife were returning home from Makkah after performing Umrah when they decided to take a short rest.

“It was midnight,” Yehia said. “To avoid any traffic problems, we parked the car under a flyover and slept. Five hours later, I woke up and saw a traffic patrol officer not far from the car. I was lost for words and did not know what to say. Seeing me awake, he asked if I was doing fine. He added that he had been watching over me for the last four hours. The officer told me that I should not have taken the risk of sleeping in the car with my wife, particularly at night. He advised me to go to a hotel and drove away,” Mohammad wrote in his social media account.

“It was one of the most superb feelings I have ever felt in my life,” he said.

Social media users paid rich tribute to the traffic officer, saying he symbolised the dedication and devotion required in the service of the people.

Several users called for honouring him for his spontaneous attitude and for showing great and special care.

“An awesome attitude from the officer,” Abu Khalid, a blogger, posted. “This officer is a hero who deserves to be honoured and promoted for his commitment and sense of duty. I wish also to thank the Egyptian man for reporting what happened.”