Manama: A Gulf teenager has come under harsh attack from online users after he posted personal pictures of his aunt reportedly to exact revenge.

The young man claimed he was angry with his aunt for tending to show off to attract attention and he wanted to punish her by publishing her pictures, Saudi news site Al Marsad reported on Sunday.

“You are totally senseless,” Budoor posted. “You may be angry, that is your problem, but you do not take public action against your own aunt,” she said.

Wild Shyookh, another blogger, blamed both parties.

“You and your aunt are totally reckless in your behaviour and you deserve to be punished,” he posted.

Zohoo echoed the same feeling.

“Both of them are retarded,” the blogger said. “What the teenager did was totally senseless and sickening. People do not take public revenge on aunts by posting their private pictures. At the same time, your aunt should have been careful about her pictures.”

A blogger writing under the moniker of Mitaab said that he believed the whole issue was a show.

“The aunt is clearly ready to have her picture taken, and I believe that she agreed with her nephew to publish the pictures under a flimsy excuse in order to attract more viewers,” he said.

Al Hal said the report could not be true.

“The Gulf societies are conservative and they do not allow such things to happen,” he said. “The aunt and the nephew would face serious problems with their relatives. I am sure the story has been concocted.”

Some commenters said they wished the nephew would be more upset and would then post more pictures.