Dubai: This hotel in Saudi Arabia's Mecca is not just one of the most expensive and luxurious in the world, but has a breathtaking view of the Holy Kaaba where millions of Muslims perform Hajj and Umrah every year.

According to “Sleep Seeker” website, the Raffles Mecca Palace hotel has been listed among the most luxurious and expensive hotels in the world and a night's stay costs a whopping 74,000 Saudi riyals ($19.700).

The royal suite of the hotel features two bedrooms, offering a panoramic view of the Holy Kaaba where visitors can enjoy the distinctive faith atmosphere.

The Raffles Mecca Palace comprises of suites with a stunning view of the Grand Mosque and the Kaaba. The hotel is located next to the Grand Mosque, and provides easy access to King Abdul Aziz Gate and the main entrance to the mosque.

The same website also listed Four Seasons Suite Florence in Florence, Italy, and Relais Orso hotel in Rome where a night's tay costs SR65,965 and SR51,403, repsectively.