Manama: Saudi Arabia remains fully committed to fighting extremism and terrorism, Saudi king Salman Bin Abdul Aziz said in an address to Muslims on the holy month of Ramadan.

Since its establishment by King Abdul Aziz, Saudi Arabia has been working hard to maintain the bright image of the Islamic religion and to serve the interests of Muslims and Islamic causes, he said.

“When terrorism spread out across the world, the kingdom continued to use all its means, political weight and international prestige to combat extremism and terrorism, and to emphasise in all international forums that they are not part of any religion or culture,” he said.

Saudi Arabia has also been, through alliances with peace-loving countries, confronting anything that attempts to rob the world of its security and stability, he added, citing the establishment the first centre to fight extremist ideologies and to promote coexistence among peoples, he added.

King Salman said that Ramadan was a month of mercy and represented an opportunity for Muslims to engage in meaningful introspection, improve themselves and vie for more good deeds and greater charitable action.

Ramadan, the ninth month on the lunar-based Islamic calendar, started on Thursday in Saudi Arabia and most Arab and Muslim countries.

Physically-able adult Muslims abstain from food and drink from sunrise until sunset and engage more actively in spiritual activities, including performing extra prayers, giving alms and assisting the needy.