Dubai: Saudis have harshly criticised a groom who divorced his bride one day into their honeymoon after he was unable to consummate their marriage.

The groom, a non-Saudi, reportedly accused his bride of being too bold after she tried to calm him on the wedding night and guide him into how to overcome the situation and deal with her.

However, the groom became angry and decided to cancel the honeymoon and upon reaching home divorced his bride, saying that she was shockingly audacious, Saudi news site Al Marsad reported.

The bride’s family is reportedly suing the groom for defaming her reputation.

“What a stupid thing to do!” Jassem, a blogger, remarked. “Stop being a fool and act responsibly by apologising to her and to her family. It is all your fault in the beginning and you should have been mentally and physically prepared so that you would not end up a loser all the way,” he said.

Another blogger calling themselves 'Poor Woman' said that the groom was "highly uneducated."

“The internet has become a huge source for information and the bride has most likely learned a lot, unlike her groom who is an uneducated loser all the way,” she said.

Ahlaw said that the groom was “so senseless that he was committing a series of serious mistakes,”

“He should be aware that women do understand such situations and know how to deal with them. Their mothers and friends inform them. It does not mean it comes from past experiences,” he said.

Another blogger, under the moniker of Susuki, said that young people have gained “huge knowledge” about such matters thanks to the Internet.

“With all the information available on the web, no secrets about marriages are left. He should have been wiser and thanked his bride for assisting.”

Taif said that the groom should “overhaul” his brains and mindset for his “senseless” behaviour.