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Illustrative image. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Drivers who fail to make way for ambulances in Saudi Arabia will now face fines ranging from SR1,000 to SR2,000, according to the General Directorate of Traffic (Muroor), local media reported.

The Muroor (traffic police) has underlined the importance of prioritising ambulances on the road, with the Saudi Red Crescent Authority (SRCA) emphasising the critical role this can play in saving lives.

To help promote compliance with these guidelines, the SRCA and Muroor have launched an app for automatic monitoring and recording of violations related to obstructing the movement of ambulances. The app, which came into effect on March 26, will record instances of motorists failing to give way to ambulances or following their path.

The SRCA has issued guidelines for drivers, instructing them to give way to the left lane when roads are clear. In cases where there are two lanes, drivers must move to the far right or far left. When there are three lanes or more, vehicles in the right and middle lanes must move to the far right, while those in the left lane should move to the far left.

By promoting the safety of ambulance services, the app aims to preserve lives, enhance traffic safety, and improve the quality and efficiency of ambulance services. It is crucial that all drivers prioritize giving way to ambulances to ensure swift and safe transport of patients to medical facilities.