Manama: A Saudi man divorced his wife in a fit of rage after she told him that he should close the door of their car.

The couple were out on a picnic with their son, and upon their arrival back home, the wife got out to help their son into the house.

When, the husband asked her to close the door of the car, she told him that he was nearer to the vehicle and that he should do it.

The husband felt offended by the remark and warned her that she would no longer be welcome into their home if she did not close the car door, local news site Al Marsd reported on Monday.

Offended by the warning that she considered a challenge to her dignity and a blatant abuse of her character, she entered the house and called her brother to take her to the family home.

Attempts by relatives to reconcile the couple and arguments that it was all decided in a fit of anger failed to make the wife change her mind.

“He said he would divorce me for such a trivial thing and this means that he does not appreciate our marriage,” the wife reportedly said. “He cannot hold our marriage hostage to his fits. He simply does not deserve that I live with him,” she said.