Manama: Saudi social media users have expressed anger after a cyclist was fine Saudi Riyals 3,000 for jumping a red light.

A report in Saudi news site Ajel said that a traffic policeman booked the cyclist in Al Rass, northwest of the capital Riyadh, after he rode through a red light.

A traffic source confirmed the fine, explaining that the amount was the same as applied to vehicles that do not stop at red lights according to traffic regulations.

However, social media users said that the rule could not be applied to the cyclist.

“This is utterly frustrating,” a user under the moniker of Stubborn posted.

“The bicycle is worth only SR200 and this man is asked to pay SR3,000 for a fine. This is totally unfair. How will this man pay such an exorbitant fine?”

Abu Biss said that the fine was most likely at least triple the cyclist’s salary.

“We understand there should be respect of traffic rules whether driving a car or riding a bicycle or even walking, but the fine is way too high,” he posted.

Shamekh said that he fully supported traffic regulations, but objected to the amount.

“He broke the rules and he should be fined, but not SR3,000. That is incredibly high,” he said.

One user wondered how the traffic authorities would input the fine in the computer system.

“How will the details of the bicycle be entered since it has no licence plate number? Will the computer accept an incomplete registration? We are curious,” one user posted.

Those who supported the policeman argued that the cyclist was wrong and could have caused an accident.

“Jumping a red line is always dangerous and the rules no matter how stiff they may look must be applied to ensure everybody’s safety,” Yaagoob posted.

Another user said that the rule of law should always prevail.

“In some countries, pedestrians are fined for jay-walking. This is important in order to make sure that everyone, whether driving, riding or walking is safe,” Fahad said.