Women shop at a shopping mall after the Saudi government eased a curfew and allowed stores to open, following the outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), in Riyadh Image Credit: Reuters

Dubai: The Saudi Ministry of Interior warned of hefty fines against gatherings of more than one family in a house, rest house, chalet or farm.

Family gatherings, more than one family, will be handed down a fine of SR 10,000 (Dhs 9777) for establishment hosting the gathering and a fine of SR 5,000 (Dhs 4888) for attendants.

If the violation is repeated for the second time, the fine will be doubled to reach up to SR 20,000 (Dhs 19,777) for  establishment whether its a house, rest house, chalet or farm. A fine of SR10,000 (Dhs 9,777) also will be given to attendants.

Those who repeat the violation for the third time will pay a fine of SR 30,000 (Dhs 29,332) and could face a jail term as they will be referred to the Public Prosecution to take legal action against them.

Those who violate lockdown and health quarantine may face a fine of up to SR 200,000 (Dhs 195,549) and jail term of  maximum two years.

Saudi Arabia will impose a 24-hour nationwide curfew for five days starting from Ramadan 30 including the Eid holiday to stem the spread of the new coronavirus.

The ministry urged citizens to stay at home during the curfew and to not leave their homes except in emergencies and extreme essential. The strict measures aim to safeguard the public health.

The ministry called upon the public to adhere to preventive measures, follow news updates on the health developments from the official government sources.