Qatar field hospital coronavirus Doha
A field hospital set up by Qatari authorities to treat people infected with the coronavirus Covid-19 is pictured on May 11, 2020 in Doha. Image Credit: AFP

Dubai: Another 1,153 people have tested positive for coronavirus in Qatar, raising the total number of confirmed infections in the country to 25,865, the Ministry of Public Health announced on Friday.

While no new deaths have been reported, the ministry said that as many as 190 COVID-19 patients have made full recovery, taking the total number of patients recovered so far to 3,546. The death toll stands at 14.

The number of daily reported cases in Qatar have been on the rise in the last few days, with 1,733 infections reported on Thursday, 1,390 cases detected on Wednesday, 1,526 on Tuesday and 1,103 cases on Monday.

Qatar has been ramping up its efforts to test more people, and has conducted a total of 148,173 coronavirus tests so far, up from 143,938 the previous day.

The Ministry affirmed that most of the new cases belongs to expatriate workers who were infected with the virus as a result of contact with previously infected individuals, in addition to recording new cases of infection among groups of workers in different regions. The new cases have been identified after conducting investigations by the research and investigation teams of the Ministry of Public Health.