Doha, Qatar skyline
Last month, Qatar eased coronavirus-related restrictions inside the country. Image Credit: Agency

Cairo: Qatar has introduced a new relaxation of anti-coronavirus restrictions as COVID-19 infections continue to show a downward trend in the country, local media reported.

The government has agreed to lift all curbs on operation capacity of public transport and access to public places starting from next Saturday.

Accordingly, all vaccinated citizens, expatriates and foreign visitors and those who have recovered from COVID-19 are allowed to enter indoor public places. Those who are not fully vaccinated are allowed to access these places on condition their total number does not exceed 20 per cent of the overall capacity after undertaking the COVID-19 rapid antigen test authorised by the Ministry of Public Health.

The indoor public places include gyms, wedding halls, sports sites, conferences, exhibitions, restaurants, cafes, recreational centres, theme parks, theatres and cinemas.

All people are required to wear face masks in public indoor places, but they are not required to do so in open air places unless they attend public activities held in markets and exhibitions.

All employees whose work in open air sites require them to be in touch with customers are obligated to wear face masks.

Last month, Qatar eased coronavirus-related restrictions inside the country.

Accordingly, the obligatory wearing of face masks in open areas was scrapped while caps on allowed gatherings went up.