Manama: Qatar has denied accusations that it is involved in Libya’s internal conflict.

Last week, Libyan parliamentarians accused Qatar and Turkey of supporting the forces that attacked the Oil Crescent area where oil terminals provide much of Libya’s export income.

“The statement is completely baseless and the allegations are misleading and contradict Qatar’s policy towards the brotherly Libyan state,” a source at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was quoted as saying by Qatar News Agency (QNA).

“Such surprising claims do not help to consolidate the fraternal ties between our countries. Some parties keen on making military gains are hindering attempts to resolve the Libyan crisis through peaceful means. It is unacceptable that Qatar should bear the consequences of this behaviour which is contrary to the aspirations of the brotherly Libyan people.”

The source said that Qatar has always been at the forefront of countries that have supported the Libyan people since the outbreak of the revolution in 2011.

“Qatar has also supported the outcome of the political agreement between the parties to the conflict in Libya.”