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For illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Agency

Dubai: Two Omani brothers recently drowned in a pond in Wilayat Samael in Ad-Dakhiliyah Region of the Sultanate, local media reported.

The siblings, Ahmed, 22, and Mahmoud Al Jabri, 19, were on a trip along with their cousin. when they came across a pool of water that was fed by a valley. Mahmoud decided to go for a swim without realising the depth of the pond. Mahmoud took a dive into the water but the strong currents dragged him down.

Watching his brother drowning, Ahmed also jumped in to rescue Mahmoud, but his attempt failed and ended up in both losing their lives.

Rescue teams and an ambulance rushed to the scene and retrieved the bodies of the siblings who were already dead. The Public Authority for Civil Defence and Ambulance said: “We dispatched our rescue teams to the scene immediately after our operation centre received the alert about the drowning of the siblings. Unfortunately, we found them dead and managed to retrieve their bodies.”

The number of drowning cases rise in summer as many people go out to ponds and other water bodies to beat the heat.