191201 oman leader
Oman's Sultan Haitham Bin Tariq. Image Credit: AFP

Muscat: Oman’s ruler Sultan Haitham Bin Tariq yesterday affirmed the priority of employing citizens in both the public and private sectors.

Sultan Haitham directed the concerned authorities to take necessary measures for appointment of Omanis in various state institutions as per their needs.

The need of private sector to play its due role in this regard and give job opportunities to Omani citizens and provide the necessary motivation to sustain them was also pointed out.

The Ministry of Labour recently met representatives of various private sector heads to expedite the Omanisation process. The Labour Ministry officials stressed the need to train and empower the nationals and impart the necessary skills required. The sub-contracting of expatriate employees is being discontinued in banks, finance companies and money exchange companies. The move is expected to provide more employment opportunities to Omanis.

The Ministry of Labour had mentioned then that it will work during the next phase in coordination with all government agencies, to start the procedures for replacing expatriate workforce with suitable Omani candidates.