Omani Tik-Toker 'Razan Possible'
Omani Tik-Toker 'Razan Possible' Image Credit: Supplied

Muscat: Razan Possible, as she calls herself, is an Omani Tik-Tok personality with a 30,000 fans. She uses her social media account to help those suffering from depression, low self-esteem and societal issues. Razan herself went through a brief period of depression from which she came out miraculously with a deeper and renewed spiritual awakening.

“I grew up in a very culturally diverse family, I was taught the value of learning about the world critically in order to come to an understanding that won’t cause an existential crisis.”

While the young Tik-Toker agrees that parents are the first learning portal for children, she feels the entire education one receives from their parents is not always compatible with one’s true self. “Healing your inner child, breaking generational traumas, and being content with the differences you have with them is crucial.

Anonymous Twitter account

“I always found using social media to cope with my mental health therapeutic. Initially, I used an anonymous Tumblr account to converse about my feelings and then later an anonymous Twitter account. I created my own safe space to analyse my growth and had an archive of my past thought process.

“I wanted to share that and decided to turn my social media accounts into safe spaces where people can talk about and learn about the things they go through in life.”

Going to law school, Razan feels, has helped her develop a range of skills that allows her to explore the various aspects of human life. “Until women can truly find a safe physical space to heal and grow in, my virtual space will always be available.”

Razan is supported in her thoughts, beliefs and action by her parents. Even though her father raised his brows as she chose Gender Law and International Human Rights, she convinced him on how it will help her fully grasp the plight of unfortunate women across the world and how they are interconnected. The road is long and strewn with roadblocks but Razan’s confident about the fire within her.