The Ministry has allocated land plots to build fishermen villages and to help establish a sustained environment. Image Credit: ONA

Muscat: Oman’s Ministry of Agricultural, Fish and Water Resources has been allocating land near the coast to build villages for the fishing community, reports Oman News Agency. This initiative is expected to create an ideal and sustained environment for fishermen to pursue their occupation.

Currently, the Ministry is engaged in the completion of the second such Fishermen Village in Masirah Island, after the successful completion of the first village in Duqum. The south-eastern governorate of Masirah, with an area of 4,537 meters, was selected for this project due to its rich marine wealth. The Fishermen Village provides fully serviced residential buildings, a mosque, ice manufacturing unit and cooling stores.


The Ministry also provides additional services to the community members of this village such as following up on fisherman’s licenses, marketing of fish products, training courses for fishermen, and developing pilot programmes to expand their capacity and efficiency. The Ministry also assists the fishermen in the supply chain process.

The ministry envisages that through these villages, the youth can be empowered to seek a lucrative profession in fishery and related fields, and also to build a strong and licenced fishing community. Such villages will also provide the necessary back up to bring innovative technical methods to increase the yield. Oman is known for its abundant and rich source of fish and fisheries constitute a key socio-economic index of the Sultanate.

The Duqum Fishermen Village which has close to 500 members of the fishing community accounted for 720,669 tonnes of fish in 2019.