Muscat: Omani leader Sultan Qaboos Bin Saeed called on investors to take part in the government efforts to develop infrastructure, industry while assuring full governmental support.

Sultan Qaboos presided over the annual meeting of the Council of Oman at Hisn Al Shomoukh in the Manah, located about 500kms north-west off Muscat.

“The projects of the comprehensive development are progressing along their planned paths in various areas of the country, particularly in the fields of infrastructure, industry and tourism,” he assured the members of the Majlis Adawala and Majlis Ashura.

“Although the State is carrying out most of these projects, we call on investors, citizens and foreigners to participate in them to the benefit of all, and they in turn will be provided with all the necessary facilities,” he appealed.

The Sultan reiterated his royal care for Omani women’s the participation in every sphere of life in the country. “We have provided them with education, training and employment opportunities and supported their role and status in society,” he pointed out in speech.

“We have also stressed the need for their contribution in various development spheres,” he further added.

He reminded the members of both the houses that regulations and laws were in place in the country that guarantee Omani women’s rights and explain their duties in order to be able to develop their inner abilities, expertise and skills to build their country and raise its status.

He referred to the recent Omani Women's Symposium, held in Sohar last month, and hoped that it would spread proper awareness of their role and status and boost their aspirations towards the future.

He called upon Omani women to take advantage of all the opportunities being provided, in order to prove their capability and show their ability to overcome obstacles that might come their way.

Getting philosophical about the equal role of men and women in the society, the Omani ruler said that he was convinced that the country needs both men and women. He equated them with a flying bird and said: “The bird relies on both of its wings to fly high in the horizons of the sky. How can this bird manage if one of its wings is broken? Will it be able to fly?”