A view of Muscat airport from the new departures extension. Image Credit: Courtesy Oman Airports Management Company SAOC

Muscat: Oman’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has announced that the faculty in both private, government and international educational institutions and their families coming to the Sultanate will be exempt from institutional quarantine.

The CAA announcement comes following a decision to this effect from Oman’s Supreme Committee. However, the arrivals have to undergo home quarantine as mandated by Oman’s Ministry of Health.

In a statement, the CAA said it has issued a notification to all the airlines operating in the country.

“The authority has issued notification to all airlines following a direction from the Supreme Committee exempting faculty members working in government, private and international institutions and their families coming to the Sultanate from institutional quarantine, provided that they adhere to home quarantine and wear an electronic bracelet, starting from today,” the statement said.

Recently all medical professionals and their families were exempt from mandatory institutional quarantine. With this recent exemptions, many residents are expecting more announcements on the relaxation of quarantine rule.

Omanis are also exempted from institutional quarantine, though they have to undergo home quarantine.