According to the latest figures from the Health Ministry, Omanis are main victims of the coronavirus. Image Credit: Supplied

Cairo: Omanis continue to be the main victims of the coronavirus in terms of infections and deaths in their country that has a large foreign community, according to the latest figures from the Health Ministry.

Oman has so far reported a total of 88,337 virus cases and 762 deaths from COVID-19. Omanis have accounted for 536 of the overall deaths from COVID-19 while the remaining 226 fatalities have been recorded among foreign residents, according to a breakdown published by the online newspaper Shabiba.


Some 54,831 Omanis have so far been infected with the virus against 33,506 foreigners. Foreigners make up 2 million of Oman’s total population of about 5 million.

Of the overall COVID-19 patients in the sultanate, males have accounted for 64,372 cases against 23,965 among females.

On Thursday, Oman’s Health Minister Dr. Ahmed Bin Mohammad Al Saeed warned that the infections in the country have increased this week. He criticised some public institutions that have requested all their employees to report to the workplace.