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Another 5,000 Indians are to leave Oman by year end, claims a social worker from Kerala. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Muscat: A social worker based in Muscat claims more than 5,000 Indians will be leaving the country by the end of the year.

“With most of the Indian expatriates having returned since the start of the pandemic situation since March this year, there are not many Indians left now in Oman to go back”, says Jabir PM.

Jabir who has been in Muscat for the last three decades has been in the forefront in helping the underprivileged and liaising with the Indian embassy as well as various authorities to address their many issues.

With the recent announcement of Oman government to waive off any fines pertaining to visas or resident permits, for expatriates returning to their homeland before end of this year, there has been a unprecedented rush at the sub-continent embassies to take advantage of this gesture of goodwill from Oman government.

Moving out

Jabir says that there will be another 5,000 Indians who will be moving out of Oman by the end of this year by his calculation, with this initiative. “This time around there are more number of families that are looking at moving out, with around 8 families that are within our own circle itself trying to secure their papers for repatriation.”

Indian, Pakistan and Bangladesh embassies have been working hand in hand with the respective social and community club members in helping their compatriots to make use of this opportunity.

“There are many housemaids who have come seeking our assistance from interior towns of Oman after this announcement was made. While it is an enduring task to help all of them, we have asked our volunteers to reach out and help as many as possible.”