Manama: A Kuwaiti lawmaker has urged the interior minister not to deport Syrians who were told they would be sent out of the country after they were involved in a massive brawl.

“We call for halting the decision and to take time because this is a humanitarian issue,” MP Mansour Al Dhufairi said.

“We are all aware of the situation in Syria and of the dramatic events unfolding there. We, the people of Kuwait, do support people in need and several shipments of help and assistance have been sent there.

“The fight was between teenagers and the interior ministry should refer it to the courts. The parents should also be warned about the consequences of fights,” he said in remarks published by local daily Al Watan on Monday.

The deportation would result in splitting several Syrian families in Kuwait and in negative consequences for the deportees, he added.

“I am fully conscious that Shaikh Mohammad Al Khalid, the interior minister, responds to such pleas to assist people.

“We do not condone or support violence in any way, but in the light of the tragic situation in Syria and the ominous possibility of families being bitterly divided, we do pray for a positive development,” he said.

On Thursday, the interior ministry decided to deport 21 Syrians from two families after they reportedly broke rules and regulations of the country.

The Syrians were found guilty of being implicated in a brawl at the Sabah Hospital following an earlier fight between Syrian expatriates in another area.

Witnesses said that the relatives of a man injured in the first fight stormed the hospital and attacked the family of the other man involved in the clash.

The melee sparked fear at the hospital and left both patients and visitors in a shock. Hospital officials called security who handled the situation. At least nine people were injured in the clash while 21 were arrested.

Kuwait has a zero-tolerance policy towards disturbing public order.

Last week, the authorities decided to deport 14 Egyptians after they disrupted traffic as they celebrated with great fanfare the casting of ballots for an Egyptian presidential candidate.

Witnesses said that the Egyptians climbed on top of a bus and carried flags and posters of their favourite presidential hopeful.