Jail crime arrest
Illustrative image. Image Credit: Pixabay

Dubai: An Indian maid working for a Kuwaiti family was arrested for mixing liquid waste in their food, local media reported.

Accompanied by his maid, a Kuwaiti citizen reported this matter to police supported with a video clip documenting her crime.

According to media reports, the Kuwaiti family felt that the food prepared by the maid tasted odd. Hence, a surveillance camera was placed in the kitchen without her knowledge.

Upon checking the video footage, the family was in utter shock to find the maid was adding liquid waste from a bowl to their food and drinks.

After being confronted with the clip, the maid confessed she did this deliberately in order to take revenge on the family as she was not given proper accommodation. 

Major General Abdeen Al Abidin, Director General of the Security Directorate of the Capital Governorate, signed an order to deport the maid due to her actions, which contradict the trust the Kuwaiti family placed in her.

The maid had been doing this for over a year. Police said although the accused could have been charged with attempted murder, inflicting serious harm as sufficient proof of video clip was provided. But she will be deported instead from Kuwait.