Kuwait security official questioned for slapping mall employee
Screengrab of a security officer who assaulted a mall employee in Kuwait's Salmiya area. Image Credit: Instagram/ Courtesy: @kwt

Dubai: Kuwait’s Ministry of Interior announced that it has summoned a security officer for assaulting a man at a shopping centre.

On its official social media accounts, the Ministry of Interior said: “A video clip was circulated on some social media sites [with regard to] the improper behaviour of a security man against a resident who was waiting in line for the coronavirus vaccine.”

“The relevant authorities in the ministry has summoned the security man and is investigating the incident.”

The Interior Ministry condemned the actions of the security officer, and stressed that security authorities work to preserve the rights and duties of citizens and residents. It also pointed out that no one is above the law and action will be taken accordingly.

The video of the incident was also shared on the digital media platform @KWT.

The incident took place on May 16 at a shopping centre in Salmiya when employees lined up to receive their COVID-19 vaccine, according to the Kuwait daily newspaper Al Rai.

Photos of the overcrowded mall flooded social networking sites, which showed the mall overcrowded with employees.

“The security officer was detained at his workplace and will be brought in front of the court as soon as possible, where legal action will be taken against him,” said a security official, who was quoted in the paper.