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Kuwait Image Credit: Yasmena Al Mulla/Gulf News

Cairo: Kuwait is poised to curb renewing occupancy of leading positions, limiting it to four years, a local Kuwait daily has reported.

Government jobs held by ministerial undersecretaries, assistant undersecretaries and directors will only be renewed “within maximum limits”, Al Anba added, quoting what it termed as well-informed sources.

“This tendency will apply to new appointments that are waiting to be filled in most ministries,” said the sources.

They added that the situation of senior officials whose legal tenure has expired will be considered after the formation of a new government in Kuwait.

“Some of the holders of these posts have spent more than two successive terms.”

Should the new plan be adopted, the tenure for holding a senior post would be for a maximum of four years, they added.

“The new government will look into appointing a number of candidates for vacant leading positions in different governmental bodies. They have been already nominated for the vacancies, but no decision has been taken on them due to the government’s resignation,” the sources added.

The Kuwaiti government resigned in April after more than half members of the 50-strong parliament backed a no-cooperation motion against it.

The resignation was accepted in May, and the government was requested to continue doing its job in a caretaker capacity.