Car blocked by another driver?
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Cairo: Kuwait will deport 60 expatriates arrested for illegally using their private cars as taxis to transport travellers at Kuwait airport, a Kuwaiti newspaper has reported.

The violators, who are Indian, Bangladeshi and Egyptian nationals, had been monitored by traffic patrols while transporting passengers to and from the airport in violation of law, Al Rai added, citing close security sources.

“The matter prompted drawing up a tight security plan and they were arrested while transporting the passengers at the airport entrances and exits,” the sources added.

The violators have been referred to the Deportation Prison in preparation for expelling them from the country.

“The traffic action came after receiving complaints from some travellers that they had been exposed to thefts and blackmailing from taxi drivers who have no permit to do this job,” the sources said.

Traffic authorities, they added, have strict instructions to “firmly” apply law and stop any expatriate acting as a taxi driver without complying with related rules.