Manama: A Kuwaiti lawmaker has asked the foreign minister to explain the country's readiness to recognize the independence of South Sudan, while it ignored the Republic of Kosovo.

"Kuwait's government recognized South Sudan on July 11, one day after it declared independence," Waleed Al Tabtabai said.

"However, Kuwait has not recognized the independence of Kosovo even though the country declared its independence three years and a half ago," the MP said in his question to the foreign ministry.

Al Tabtabai said that he wanted to know the criteria used by the government to recognize newly independent states, Al Kuwaitiya daily reported on Tuesday.

"Was the recognition of South Sudan based on a personal or collective decision and was the decision made after a careful study? What are the real criteria?"

The lawmaker said that he heard claims that the "speedy recognition" was sparked by personal plans to invest in South Sudan.

"I would like to get the list of those who participated in the ceremony," he said.