Child pornography computer
Illustrative image. Image Credit: Pexels

Cairo: A group of medicine students in Kuwait have defended their embattled professor accused of showing a video of alleged pornographic images at a lecture, a local newspaper reported.

Earlier this month, the professor came under fire for showing the purportedly explicit images, with detractors urging his expulsion.

But some 126 students at the Kuwait University’s Medical School, where the incident reportedly occurred, condemned what they called “glaring exaggerations” in reaction to the video and said the footage did not violate public morals.

They added in a signed statement that the contested video was an illustration at a lecture on a mental illness known as the borderline personality disorder as part of their curriculum.

“We denounce the act of some colleagues who turned to external sides to discuss the issue in public while there are representatives of the batch, who can directly communicate with the university’s administration,” the statement said, according to Al Jarida newspaper.

“We confirm our confidence in the investigation committee that will reveal details of the incident impartially and fairy without harming academic freedom.”

The incident became at the centre of controversy after a preacher accused the lecturer of moral corruption by showing porn material to female and male medical students.

Some Kuwaiti lawmakers also demanded the professor be suspended over the act.