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Cairo: A Kuwaiti court has given two doctors a one year suspended sentence each on charges of committing a medical blunder that resulted in a patient’s loss of one eye, Kuwaiti newspapers reported.

Both defendants were found guilty of mistakenly placing a toothpaste instead of an ointment in the patient’s eye, resulting in its loss, Al Qabas reported, citing the case documents.

The victim’s lawyer Mutafa Mulla told the court that the blunder had caused to his client physical and psychological harms, noting that the man’s marriage proposals to several women were rejected due to his visual impairment.

The lawyer added that he would file a suit for a huge compensation for his client, Al Anba newspaper said.

The lawyer acknowledged that by mistake the doctors endorsed in their prescription for the patient the use of a toothpaste gel, confusing it with an eye gel manufactured by the same maker of the former product.

The misdemeanor court ordered both doctors be jailed for one year each with the sentence suspended for one year and they be released on bail.