Stock Kuwait city skyline
Kuwait city skyline. Image Credit: AFP

Dubai: Kuwait’s General Traffic Department has announced that the new requirements set for delivery companies to operate in the country have entered into force.

The requirements include that delivery staff will have to wear a uniform and helmet with company stickers to be pasted on the vehicle.

The residence permit of the delivery worker should be with the same company. Domestic workers are prohibited from working as delivery workers.

Legal measures will be taken against those who violate the conditions set by the Traffic Department, which may amount to a licence suspension and other legal action including the immediate deportation of violating workers, closing the files of the companies in which the violating worker is registered, and preventing employers from engaging in the activity.

Last October, Kuwaiti authorities postponed the enforcement of new traffic rules for home delivery businesses for three months.

The rules were due to take effect last year, but they were postponed until January 1. In August, Kuwaiti authorities unveiled a set of requirements for home delivery personnel, including the necessity of having an official health certificate and wearing a uniform. The new rules also include an obligation to post a designating sticker on the delivery vehicle in coordination with the Kuwait Municipality.

The driver must have a residency permit issued through the employing company. Drivers of delivery cars and motorcycles are obligated to wear the uniform while on duty.