Manama: An Egyptian, a Jordanian and a Chadian topped in Kuwait’s high school diploma exams as girls, once more, outperformed boys in academic achievements.

Wafa Saeed Hassan, from Egypt, topped the 37,217 students who sat for the exams with a near perfect score of 99.94 per cent in the science stream. She was followed closely by Muneera Mubarak Gareeb, the top Kuwaiti achiever, who had a score of 99.77 per cent.

In the literary section, Raghd Aburya, from Jordan, came first with a score of 99.38 per cent while Hessa Khalid Al Aseemi was the top Kuwaiti student with 99.29 per cent.

In the religious studies, Ali Othman Ali, from Chad, topped the students with 99.20 per cent whereas Shayma Dawood Al Asoosi was the top scorer among Kuwaitis with a score of 97.84 per cent.

Ali was the only boy to reach one of the three highest honours and the three Kuwaiti top achievers are girls.

Education Minister Mohammad Fares congratulated the successful students as he announced the much-anticipated results, Kuwaiti daily Al Seyassah reported on Tuesday.

He said that 29,078 passed the high school diploma exams and the success rate was 78.13 per cent, a drop by nine per cent (around 3,000 students) over last year’s scores.

The minister said that 19,280 students took the science section exams and that 15,491 passed them, a success rate of 80.35 per cent.

In the literary section, the success rate was 75.06 per cent after 12,652 students out of 16,701 passed.

In the religious section, 1,236 took the exams and 953 secured their diplomas, a success rate of 75.65 per cent.