Health officials in Kuwait have announced that flu shots will be available to all Kuwaitis, including expats above the age of 50. Image Credit: Agency

Kuwait City: As Kuwait is preparing to receive an additional 50,000 doses of the flu vaccine, health officials have announced that it will be available to all Kuwaitis, including expats above the age of 50, Al Qabas reported.

A health source told Al Qabas that those that are eligible and are looking to take the vaccine, should make an online appointment.

When the Ministry of Health first launched their winter vaccine campaign last month, the flu shot was only limited to Kuwaitis as the Ministry said they had a limited supplied number of vaccines.

This is the third batch of flu vaccines that arrive in Kuwait. The first batch, which arrived back in early October, was around 150,000 and was limited to Kuwaitis only. Then at the end of October the Ministry received an additional 55,000 vaccines, still for Kuwaitis only.

With the third batch, Kuwait would have supplied 255,000 flu vaccines so far. According to the Ministry, they are planning on providing a total of 400,000 doses by the end of December.

Now with a new shipment, the ministry is aiming to achieve community immunity, especially since this year’s flu season coincidence with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Flu and the pandemic

Many studies and scientists have pointed out that the flu vaccine protects people from the seasonal influenza, not COVID-19, and it is imperative that one avoids getting the flu especially this winter.

According to the Centre for Disease Prevention (CDC), it is possible to have the flu and COVID-19 at the same time.

In addition, they both share similar symptoms which can make it hard to tell the difference between both diseases solely based on the symptoms.