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Cairo: Kuwaiti police arrested a Bangladeshi worker suspected of stabbing his female sponsor earlier this year, a local newspaper has reported.

The suspect was arrested during a police inspection check, a security source told Al Rai.

“While security men were on an inspection tour, they suspected a man. On verifying his data, he was found to be a Bangladeshi driver working for a Kuwaiti woman,” the source added.

The migrant was found to be wanted in connection with an attempted murder that happened in April, the source said. The man is accused of stabbing his sponsor in different parts of the body in Kuwait’s South of Al Sura area.

“Following the attack, she was transferred to a hospital in a critical condition, but survived after receiving medical care,” the source.

The accused, being in custody, has been referred to prosecution for further interrogation.

The motive for the stabbing attack is not clear yet.

In recent months, Kuwait, a country of 4.8 million population mostly expatriates, has seen several violent crimes, including murder attempts, some of which were carried out in public.