morgue, mortuary
Illustrative image. Image Credit: Pixabay

Dubai: A baby in Kuwait was allegedly been forgotten inside a mortuary of one of the private hospitals for more than 13 months, local media reported.

The shocking incident has been disclosed by the Kuwaiti lawyer Abdulaziz Al Waalan, who said that he had filed a complaint about the incident.

According to the lawyer, someone from a private hospital called the father of a deceased child a year after his death and informed him that his baby's body was still in the hospital mortuary, although the family was previously told by the hospital that the baby had been buried.

Soon after the baby was born dead, the public relations department in the hospital informed the father that they would take care of burying the baby as it was a time of coronavirus restriction.

In a series of tweets addressed to the Kuwaiti Minister of Health, Abdul Aziz Al Waalan said: “Dear Minister of Health, I filed a complaint today against a private hospital in Farwaniya Governorate for not reporting the death of my client’s son to the official authorities, as well as not enabling my client to bury his son. Instead, they kept the body in the mortuary for exactly a year, a month and 4 days, without any legal or medical justification."

The lawyer went on to say: “The hospital administration refused to hand over the body to my client, claiming that they were preparing it and would hand the body over to the Funeral Department for burial (according to instructions they received, as they claim). Dr. Khaled, you and your ministry bear a great medical and moral responsibility.

“I hope this issue will be taken seriously and all measures are taken against the hospital and its management. The complaint was submitted to the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health and the Director of the Medical Licensing Department today, and all necessary documents were attached.”

The case has caused a huge uproar in Kuwait with many people expressing their support for the father and calling on authorities to take action against the hospital.