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Cairo: Kuwaiti police had to shoot in the air after coming under an attack while breaking up a brawl, local media reported.

Alerted over a fight among relatives in the west of Abdullah Al Mubarak suburb, patrol police headed to the site to end the violence, a security source told Al Anba newspaper. However, the security personnel were attacked by four brothers, prompting the patrolmen to shoot in the air to “control them,” the source added.

The four were arrested and led to a police station for interrogation.

Kuwaiti authorities recently enhanced security for patrol police after a recent deadly attack.

Last month, a young Syrian man, fleeing after killing his mother, fatally stabbed a traffic policeman in the area of Al Mahboula in Kuwait’s governorate of Al Ahmadi.

Dubbed in the local media the Mahboula crime, the murder shook Kuwait and triggered calls for tougher enforcement of law and more protection for police.