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An Arabic motto of the campaign against harassment of children. Image Credit:

Cairo: The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) has launched a campaign aimed at raising awareness about sexual harassment of children.

Mounted by the GCC Health Council, the campaign urges family of the child victim to break silence over the harasser’s act, warning that silence emboldens the assailant and harms the child’s psychological well-being.

“Lack of a safe environment among members of the family makes the child more exposed to harassment and dread talking about it,” the council said on its Twitter account.

Insinuations, sharing photos and inappropriate cuddling are among forms of harassment against children that can end up in rape, the agency warned.

“Children’s silence on harassment does not mean they are pleased with it as they are always the victims of such crimes,” it added.

The campaign is entitled “Don’t keep silent on harassment of children”.

“For each boy and girl who have experienced harassment. For every father and mother harmed by or fear harassers would harm their children. For everyone finding themselves responsible for a child asking for help from a relative or strange harasser, we launch this motto,” the council added.

It also released a video highlighting the psychological impact of harassment on children.