Doctors and nurses are seen doing their final check on the equipment in a makeshift ICU "Field Intensive Care Unit 1" set up by Bahrian authorities to treat the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) critical patients, at a car-park of Bahrain Defence Force Hospital in Riffa, Bahrain, April 14, 2020. Image Credit: Reuters

Abu Dhabi: Some 159 people were booked for failing to wear masks in public places over the last five days, bringing the total number of offenders to 450, Bahrain Capital Police reported.

Officials said police are patrolling the Capital governorate, especially in densely populated neighbourhoods, major streets, and shopping malls, including the central market in Manama, in which a number of violators have been booked and the necessary legal measures taken against them.

Bahraini police are working to spread awareness among citizens and residents about the need for maintaining social distancing in markets, shops, parks and wearing masks, officials said. They also said that there should be no gatherings of more than five people.

They called on everyone to adhere to these instructions in support of national efforts to fight the coronavirus.

People who break public health rules face either a minimum of three months in jail, a fine ranging from 1,000 Bahraini dinars ($2,645) to 10,000 dinars ($26,500), or a combination of both.