Sunset in Bahrain . Image Credit: Gunnerz by Deviant Art

Manama: March 2018 was the warmest March ever experienced in Bahrain since 1902, the Meteorological Directorate said in its monthly weather summary report.

The month was also the sunniest March since records of hours of sunshine began to be kept in 1968. In March this year, Bahrain received 324.3 hours of sunshine. The old record was 285.2 hours in March 2008.

The mean temperature in the month was 24.6 degrees Celsius, 3.6 degrees above the long-term normal. The old record was 24.2C in March 1969.

The mean maximum temperature was 29.6C, 4.9 degrees above the long-term normal and went on record as the highest mean maximum temperature in March since 1946. The old record was 28.8C in March 1969 and 2008.

The highest temperature recorded during the month was 37.6C on March 30 at Bahrain International Airport. It was the third highest maximum temperature for March since 1946, following records of 38.1C on March 29, 1998 and 38C on March 19, 1966.

The mean minimum temperature in the month was 20.7C, 2.9 degrees above the long-term normal, and went on record as the highest mean minimum temperatures for the month of March since 1946.

The lowest temperature recorded was 15.5C on March 2 at Durrat Al Bahrain.

The mean relative humidity for March was 53 per cent whereas the mean maximum relative humidity was 75 per cent.

The mean minimum relative humidity was 28 per cent, the lowest mean monthly minimum relative humidity for March since 1946. The old record was 29 per cent in March 2008 and 2013.