A man in Bahrain has been sentenced to three years in prison for presenting fake certificates for attestation. Image Credit: Pixabay

Dubai: A man in Bahrain has been sentenced to three years in jail for presenting fake certificates to the Education Ministry for attestation, according to local Bahraini media.

In a statement by the Public Prosecution’s Southern Governorate chief prosecutor Shaikh Abdullah bin Abdul Rahman Al Khalifa, he said the Public Prosecution had received a notification from the Education Ministry, reporting that the defendant had submitted forged academic certificates for attestation.

The chief prosecutor stated that one of the certificates was claimed to be issued from a university in an Arab country, while the second certificate, a secondary education certificate, was claimed to be issued by another country.

“The Public Prosecution launched a probe into the case and heard the testimony of the employees at the Ministry’s foreign certificates’ attestation department; the investigation revealed that the Ministry’s claims are correct and that the defendant had forged both certificates with the assistance of an Arab accomplice,” Shaikh Abdullah said.

He added that the defendant was interrogated and he confessed to counterfeiting the certificates and knowingly submitted them to the Education Ministry for attestation.

Shaikh Abdullah added, “The man was referred to the High Criminal Court for trial and the court issued a verdict in the case.”