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The in-person classroom teaching of students of up to Class 8 will remain suspended from April 06 to April 21. Image Credit: Reuters

Karachi: The Sindh government has decided to suspend for 16 days in-person classroom teaching of students of up to Class 8 in all the government-run and private schools of the province as a pre-emptive precaution against the spread of third wave of deadly coronavirus infections.

The in-person classroom teaching of students of up to Class 8 will remain suspended from April 06 to April 21, 2021. A formal notification to this effect has been issued by the Sindh government’s Secretary for its Department of School Education and Literacy, Ahmed Bakhsh Narejo.

The teaching staff of both the government-run and private schools, however, will continue to physically come to the educational institutions during this time.

The education of the students of up to Class 8, however, will continue during this period mainly through the method of online learning via the WhatsApp or email.

In the case of the educational institutions where the system of online learning is not feasible, the parents will visit the school on a weekly basis for collecting the homework assignments for their children. The Sindh government has asked the educational institutions to strictly observe the precautionary guidelines against the spread of the coronavirus.

In his press statement issued in this connection, Sindh Education and Labour Minister Saeed Ghani said that the Steering Committee of the Sindh Education Department held its meeting on Saturday (April 03) on the direction of the provincial Task Force on coronavirus.

Younger students

The Steering Committee took into consideration the prevailing situation of coronavirus in the province and authorised the Sindh government to take a decision to suspend the physical teaching of the junior classes in the schools for a specific period as a precaution to protect the health of younger students.

Sindh Education Minister said that after the meeting of the Steering Committee, the provincial Task Force held its meeting on Saturday evening with Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah in chair. The Task Force reviewed the entire situation and took the decision to suspend classroom teaching of the students of up to Class eighth.

He said that all these steps were meant to safeguard the health of the students of junior school classes in the province.

It is worth mentioning here that the situation of the spread of coronavirus infections in Sindh has been much under control as compared to the upcountry where the third wave of COVID-19 has become an alarming health phenomenon.