Aziz Abdul Alim
: Aziz Abdul Alim, a 103-year-old man has miraculously recovered from coronavirus in Pakistan. Photo courtesy Dawn news. Image Credit:

Dubai: Aziz Abdul Alim, a 103-year-old man has miraculously recovered from coronavirus in Pakistan.

Alim was discharged from a hospital in Chitral, a city in the north of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. Doctor said that the elderly man has beaten the coronavirus and fully recovered from contagious diseases.

Alim, a resident of Booni village in Chitral, tested positive for coronavirus a couple of weeks ago, following which he was admitted to the Aga Khan Health Services Emergency Response Centre where he received the treatment for the disease, Dawn news reported.

Alim is the oldest man in Pakistan to recover from COVID-19. However, he is not the oldest man in the world to beat the contagion. Maria Branyas, 113-year-old from Spain, is the oldest person in the world to recover from COVID-19. Branyas has also lived through the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918 and the 1936-39 Spanish Civil War.

Plasma treatment

The regional head of Aga Khan Health Service (AKHS) that during a two-week stay at the centre, the elderly man convalesced without requiring supplemental oxygen.

“We treated Aziz as a high-risk patient given his advanced age and provided him with appropriate medical care along with psychosocial and moral support — equally important during these distressing times.

In a short span of time we have successfully treated 59 Covid-19 patients in the newly-set up facility — many of whom were elderly,” he said.

“We were very worried about my father’s poor health. We felt there was no hope of his survival. My father was very excited at the time of his discharge. He greeted all the staff and management while leaving the hospital and thanked everyone for taking care of him,” said Sohail, Aziz’s son.

According to official figures, number of coronavirus cases has reached 267,428 on Wednesday with 5677 deaths while 210,468 patients have recovered.