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Siddu Paragond, a BJP activist in Karnataka, allegedly in a burqa and in a poster. Image Credit:

Dubai: A video has emerged on social media showing people confront Siddu Paragond, a BJP activist in Karnataka, India, after he was allegedly caught hoisting the Pakistani flag while wearing a burqa in the state’s Vijaypur district. However, other sources said he was trying to get too close to women standing in a line.

Social media users suggested this was done to create religious tensions by attempting to cast the blame on Muslims in the area. Local people reportedly handed Paragond over to the police, who have booked a case and are said to be investigating. Police said no suspicious objects were found on Paragond.

Such incidents were widely reported to during the anti-CAA/NRC protests that engulfed the country in recent months. In February this year, Gunja Kapoor, a pro-BJP ‘YouTuber’, was caught after she made her way to a protest site in Shaheen Bagh in Delhi wearing a burqa. Kapoor was confronted by protesters who got suspicious after she asked ‘too many questions’, according to the police. Kapoor has over 38,000 followers, which include Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other BJP leaders.