Rocky Image Credit: Twitter

Rocky, helped police in the Indian state of Maharashtra fight 365 cases and the trustworthy canine passed away on August 16, getting a farewell from his fellow police personnel.

Rocky was part of the police force in the city of Beed.

"At 4pm today, Rocky, our canine companion and colleague passed away due to a long illness. He had helped in the solving of 365 cases. The Beed Police family is deeply pained by his demise. A tribute was paid to the brave dog," Beed Police posted online.

Anil Deshmukh, the Home Minister of Maharashtra, @AnilDeshmukhNCP, also tweeted saying “good bye” to Rocky: “Goodbye Rocky! A dog named Rocky from our Beed police force passed away tragically yesterday due to a long illness. I pray … that his soul may have eternal peace. A heartfelt tribute!”

In another tweet, Deshmukh wrote: “The dog team of Maharashtra Police plays an important role in this regard. Dogs trained by the Maharashtra Police have been working to save thousands of lives. To date, Rocky has been instrumental in uncovering 365 crimes.”

Deshmukh also shared pictures from the farewell ceremony that seemed to have been attended by a large group of police officers.

Some police dogs are specially trained to assist police and other law-enforcement personnel for various services like searching drugs and explosives, finding evidence, and locating people.

According to Deshmukh’s post, Rocky worked on terrorist attacks, bomb disposals, bomb squads, crime solving with the Beed Police amongst other duties.