Mumbai temple volunteers feed stray dogs
Image Credit: Facebook

Dubai: A temple in Mumbai is using milk offered by devotees, to feed hungry stray dogs. A video shared on Facebook this week is warming hearts across social media channels in India.

The video shared by the Facebook page, ‘Animal matter to me, Mumbai’, on August 3, shows how the temple’s volunteers ensured that the milk collected for rituals, doesn’t get wasted, instead it is utilised by feeding stray dogs in the area.

The viral video shows people pouring giant cans of milk in feeder trays. As they pour the milk, stray dogs begin to gather around.

Many shared the video, and commended the temple volunteers. They said the video was “heartwarming” and “wholesome”. Facebook user Rahul Deshpande posted: “Best use of milk... feeding hungry … rather than wasting it. Good luck.”

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People also commented saying this should be made a mandatory practice and called it the “right way to worship”.

Facebook user Manjusha Rathi commented: “It's a very nice thing, it should be followed by all temples so that there are no strays hungry.”

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And, Harsha Vaidyalingam replied: “This should be made mandatory in all [Indian] temples and place of worship for all animals and children on streets.”