India: Father dropped daughter at the wrong exam centre, police come to her rescue, photo goes viral on Twitter
India: Father dropped daughter at the wrong exam centre, police come to her rescue, photo goes viral on Twitter Image Credit: Twitter

Exams are nightmares, at least for some. But what happens when you realise you are at the wrong examination centre? It can't get any worse.

A student in the Indian state of Gujarat who went to appear for her board exams was dropped at the wrong exam centre by her father, who was in a hurry. However, a police officer who was on duty at the centre came to her rescue and personally dropped her at the correct exam centre, which was 20 km away.

The policeman was lauded by netizens on the microblogging site Twitter for his selfless and humanitarian efforts that saved a young student's hard work and future.

A Twitter user Vikash Mohta who goes by the handle @VIKASHMOHTA90, shared the story on Twitter on March 16. He posted a picture of the girl walking with the policeman. According to the Twitter thread, when the girl's father dropped her at the exam centre, she searched for her roll number but could not find it in the list.

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According to the news sources, the on-duty officer saw her worried and asked her about it.

He immediately realised the student was in the wrong centre. Then, upon realising time sensitivity, he helped the student reach the right centre on time in a police jeep which was 20 km away. The inspector covered the distance in 15 minutes and took the girl to her right examination centre.

Reportedly, the police inspector used a government vehicle and hooter with lights to bring the girl student to the examination centre on time.

The incident reportedly took place in the Kutch district of Gujarat, and the police officer has been identified as JV Dholu by local media outlets from the Bhuj A Division. He was praised on social media for helping the student.

After this news went viral on social media, the news reached Harsh Ramesh Sanghvi, currently the Home Minister of Gujarat state, and who also praised him on Twitter.

Talking to the local media after the photo of this incident went viral, police officer JV Dhola said, "I am happy that I took her to the examination centre. This is not the first incident. Whenever I get a chance to help people, I do it."

After the photo of this incident was shared on social media, the users flocked to post their comments.

A Twitter user Devendra Khandelwal @Devkha123 commented on the post: "In last 70 years we didn't hear such wonderful, inspiring incidents."

"I am so happy to read this, but such nice cops are rare, maybe one in thousands, and he is one. I say that he made the nation proud," wrote another Twitter user @Arunptripathi