Police siren
Image Credit: Pexels

Winston-Salem: A North Carolina high school was on lockdown Wednesday afternoon after a shooting on campus, police said.

The Winston-Salem Police Department tweeted that a shooting occurred at Mount Tabor High School and the department had secured the campus. Police said officers were ``doing everything possible to keep students safe.''

The department said it was 'actively investigating what happened' but had no further details immediately.

Police blocked roads to the school and numerous emergency vehicles were on the scene.

Parents frantic for information parked their cars on the sidewalks several blocks from the high school as police directed traffic away from the campus. Students and parents could be seen walking away from the campus toward a nearby shopping center.

The city tweeted that parents should not respond to the school, which has an enrollment of more than 1,500 students, but go to a nearby grocery store and await further instructions for picking up students.

The Forsyth County Sheriff's Office posted online that students were being transported in stages to a YMCA to be reunited with parents.